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Transport & Customs

Transport management

The Transport and Customs department organises the shipment of goods from the MSF Supply site to the missions, as well as some of our supplier shipments to our warehouse.

Our goal is to send the goods at an optimal price, on the best route and in the best conditions while meeting the delivery dates requested by the missions. We also hold a ‘known shipper’ licence’ that allows us to reduce waiting times and costs at airports.

Our offices in 360°

We adapt the conditions (controlled temperature 15-25°C), means of transport (road, sea, air and charter) and packaging (keep cool 2-8°C and dangerous products) to the products being transported.

We work closely with the Operations Department, the warehouse, the missions and the freight forwarders in the course of our work.

The team is also responsible for drawing up the necessary documents for the goods export, import and transport.

Part of the team is dedicated to handling bonded warehousing and the customs documents required for international customs processes.