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Welcome to MSF Supply! Let’s discover the daily work of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) supply center! We’ll explain to you every step through videos, summaries and 360° pictures.

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What is MSF Supply ?

Supply center of MSF


Order entry point


Availability of stocks


Product specialist


Identification of the best suppliers


The physical flow


The team ensures the reception of all the ordered and delivered goods according to the procedures in place, organizes the suppliers' returns and dispatches the trucks for unloading.
40 to 50 receptions are done daily.


The Control Agents carry out the physical control of delivered goods, making sure they match what the mission actually ordered and several compliance criteria.
Once the control is done and the items are correct, they are transferred to the storage area.
More than 900 controls are carried out per month.

Kit production

Kit Production operators carry out kit production and kit refresh.
On average 200 kits are produced and 300 kits are updated every month.

Order picking & packing

Participating in an important logistical function in the warehouse, Order picker’s main task is to pick and pack items based on their computer screen information.
They prepare about 200 items per week and per person.

Freight preparation

They physically prepare the freight, based on the transportation constraints while respecting the deadlines.
The freight will be prepared differently depending on their categories of products and their mode of transportation.

Freight loading

The goods are loaded in containers or trucks according to the loading and transportation planning.
26.000 parcels are shipped per month.

Follow the box

Inside the warehouse

Freight & Customs

Transport management



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