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Our range: the services catalogue

Our catalogue of services sets out what services we can and cannot provide alongside our goods, and under what conditions these services can be acquired. The goal is to ensure a high level of performance.

By performance we mean:

  • Quality that meets MSF specifications
  • Managed delivery and shipping
  • Prices in line with the services requested

The catalogue is constantly being updated and there is scope to add new services that our partners might request.

The catalogue offers three types of services  

  1. Services that automatically accompany all goods to ensure quality on arrival, e.g. cold chain compliance, temperature-controlled transport of goods or product shelf life.
  2. On-demand services that a mission must request in order to benefit from it. e.g. specific transport solutions.
  3. On-demand services with validation processes, e.g. services related to countries with import constraints or management of emergency stocks.

The service catalogue can be found here.