Pharmaceutical Activities

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Wholesale distribution of medicines is an important activity in integrated procurement chain management.

The guidelines set up the appropriate tooling to assist wholesalers with their activities and prevent forged drugs entering the legal procurement chain. Compliance with these guidelines will permit distribution chain control and, consequently, maintaining the quality and integrity of medicines.

A quality system is in place to guarantee that: “medicines are acquired, held, supplied and exported in compliance with GDP (Good Distribution Practices) requirement; management responsibilities are clearly specified; products are delivered to the correct consignees in sufficient time; deviations from the established procedures are documented and subject to investigation; corrective and protective measures (CAPM) are taken to rectify the discrepancies and prevent them in compliance with the principles of quality risk management.”
Extract from the Guidelines of 7 March 2013 concerning good wholesale distribution practices for medicines for human use (2013/C 68/01)

MSF Supply SC hold several authorizations delivered by the Federal Agency called “Agence Fédérale des Médicaments et des Produits de Santé” (AFMPS):

Autorisation de distribution (selon le modèle européen)
Autorisation annuelle stupéfiants et sychotropes
Notification de distribution et/ou exportation de dispositifs médicaux
Notification comme opérateur de substances classifiées(Précurseurs)
Certificat de conformité GDP