Why join MSF Supply?

To flourish within an organisation that promotes autonomy, pragmatism, taking responsibility, and multi-cultural collaboration. We also encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience, taking initiative and employee development.

The opportunity to meet with colleagues at midday around the same table, to prepare a meal on site thanks to a kitchen and open business culture with flavours from all around the world. Or, better still, with the arrival of the warmer weather, to chat and come together,  both formally and informally, around barbecues organised at midday ‘by colleagues, for colleagues’. This “culture of living together” is part of the DNA of MSF, and by extension, of MSF Supply.

A family atmosphere, conscious to provide its employees with work-life balance. Between breaks, colleagues have the opportunity to relax and have fun with a game of table football or, for fans of dance, to take part in a lunch time salsa class provided by an instructor in our offices. Employees co-manage a budget for organising extra-professional activities together, to establish strong bonds and, as such, support employee wellbeing.

To be able to develop and expand within your role. On the one hand, thanks to the close bond between employees because, whatever your role within the organisation, listening and receptiveness are at the heart of MSF Supply. On the other hand, thanks to individual or group training.